3rd-11th November

Theme : "Ethnic Majority".
study on Peace, Culture, Traditional,
Environmental, Livelihood, Youth development, Social, Economic and sustainability.
If you are interest to join YPD, Come to join us in YPD2017 Annual Training Program.
Objectives - To lean Karen ethnic people and history of Karen
To have opportunity exchange life in Karen villages
To know Karen ethnic majority and Kaw Thoo Lei


Trip 1 - SAW SAW -Shwe Gon

SEE – With Karen Attics Team, Karen daily life, Sow Rice, Raiding Ballot Cart, Traditional Don Dance, Karen Letter Le Saw Wet, Traditional bread making, Karen weaving, Karen Music, youth exchange, and tourist places,

Learn More03/11/2017

Trip 2. SAW LAH PAW- Thang Tom

SEE –Karen daily life, youth exchange, village people lifestyle, economic farm, animal farm, temples, farming, Traditional Sports, traditional games, economic, income generation and tourist places

Learn More03/11/2017

Trip 3. SAW CHIT- Beelin

SEE – With Karen youth teams, villagers, historical places, country sides, traditional, fellowship, culture exchange, life experience, Karen History by, temple, natural jungle, forest. Japanese in World War II history with Karen people

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Friday - Day 1


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Saturday - Day 2

Exposure Trip

Learn More04/11/2017

Sunday - Day 3

Exposure Trip

Learn More05/11/2017

Monday - Day 4

Main Venue, Hpa An

Learn More06/11/2017

Tuesday - Day 5

62nd Karen State’s Day Celebration,

Learn More07/11/2017

Wednesday - Day 6


Learn More08/11/2017

Thursday - Day 7

Annual General Meeting

Learn More09/11/2017

Friday - Day 8

Hpa-An Tours

Learn More10/11/2017

Saturday - Day 11


Learn More11/11/2017
a) To lean Karen ethnic people and history of Karen
b) To have opportunity exchange life in Karen villages
c) To know Karen ethnic majority and un-independence country


Young people interested in and involved in working for development in their own countries

Age range: 16 - 25 and above

No.1, Kyar Inn Qt, Myo Pet St, Hpa-An, Myanmar
Tel : +95 9 45748 6315

YPD Karen -  

  • Training Center
15th Annual Training 2017 take place at Hpa-An, the capital city of Karen.

  • Visa information
Most of ASEAN countries are not require visa to enter Union of Myanmar and it is 14 days visa. There are some other country too. But is easy to apply e-Visa for those who need visa, please check. For apply visa online visit https://www.myanmaronlinevisa.org/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc

  • Accommodation 
There will be outdoor and home stay and only few night will be in guest house in Hpa An, training center. The bed is prepare for all participants. But suggest to bring your own sleeping bags to be comfortable for yourselves. We have a night sleep on the top of Mt. Zwegabin when YPD Annual General Meeting.

No.1, Kyar Inn Qt, Myo Pet St, Hpa-An, Myanmar
Tel : +95 9 45748 6315
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/khwekabaungmotel/ 

  • Transportation
When YPD international participants arrive in Yangon International Airport, the group leaders will waiting at airport and travel together for exposure trips. The group leaders will prepare and booking tickets as need. Most of travelling by local transportation, bus and sometimes walking for short distance.
Booking Air ticket – Suggest to arrive at Yangon International Airport at morning time and not later than 4:00 PM on the day of 3 November 2017
Departure on 11 November 2017 time suggest to be after 8:00 AM.
To go to YPD2017, there will be 2 ways to entry.
1. Yangon International Airport
2. Mae Sot (Thailand) - Myawaddy (Myanmar) Land entry. For those who would like to travel by land, Please, come to Mae Sot.  
  •  Brunei
  •  Cambodia
  •  Indonesia
  •  Laos
  •  Philippines
  •  Singapore (30 days)
  •  Thailand (for air arrivals only) Thai will need visa to entry. But can depart in this border to Mae Sot, Thailand.
  •  Vietnam
Note : For all of you who enter Myanmar with free Visa, may need to show round trip ticket.
Bus Ticket to Mae Sot can be book online at

Bags and Belongings
Suggest not to bring a big suitcase too difficult to carry. Everybody have to take care their own belonging by themselves. It is good to put all belonging in one carry bag.

  • Weather 
Weather on November is Winter Season and it will be cold at night time. Please bring warm clothes.
Check : https://www.accuweather.com/en/mm/hpa-an/243907/weather-forecast/243907

  • Register Period 
Application form is NOW OPEN registration will close on 30th September 2017. We will not accept anyone who are not in the registration list. Please register on the site;  http://www.123contactform.com/form-2899046/Online-Event-Registration-Form

  • Registration Fees
 We YPD Karen Team try to get funding for individual donation and proposal writing to cover all the program cost to get free register. But if we do not get enough, registration fees will be charge from participants not more than, 130 USD.
Note -  Your register fee will cover all your staying during YPD Training Program. Accommodation, Transportation, Food and other fees included.

  • What you need to Bring? 
Your personal needs
Traditional Clothes for culture night, CD Music, Materials for using in show. Your Karaoke for you to sing
Souvenir is necessary to have exchange with friends.
Note - Suitcase is not comfortable to carry all over the the program. Be notice that clothes and other belonging is limited for your takecare  

  • Money Exchange Rate
Money use in the training period is Myanmar Kyat.  1 USD = 1,300 Kyat. Check currency exchange rate at https://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ 
Contribution  image
Thank you very much for your supporting YPD2017 Training

Account name: Young People for Development
Name of Bank: Bendigo Bank BSB: 633-300
Ac no: 126354596


Bank information
Account Number = 408-280646-8
Account Name = ypd karen
Thailand Bank = Siam Commercial Bank

  1. Please fill the form when you donate

For more information please contact ;
Kwi Kwi (YPD Coordinator)
Email ; ypdkaren@gmail.com 
Management image
YPD2017 Karen, Organizer Committee Members
1ChairmanMr.Lin Aung
2Vice ChairmanMr.Sa Shine
3SecretaryMr. Aung Naing Thu
42nd SecretaryMs. Gracy Win
5TreasurerMr. Kwith
6IT GroupMr. Lin Kyaw , Mr. Tun Lin
7Fundraising (Proposal Writing)Mr. Myo Nyut, Saw Tun Bo Bo

Exposure Trip (Team Leaders)
1Saw LinconAyarweddy
2Naw Taw Naw PawMyaweddy
3Naw Gracy WinPaing Kyon
4Naw Lah SheeTaungoo
5Saw Lah PawTha Ton
6Saw ChitBee Lin
7Saw SawShwe Gon
8Aung Naing ThuEin Du
9Naw Gold RainThadaw Kyi
What Is YPD?

What Is YPD?

YPD stand for Young People for Development

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YPD unites young people from different countries

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Annual Training Program

Annual Training Program

Annual training program wil organize by YPD members countries

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14th Annual Training Report-Vietnam

14th Annual Training Report-Vietnam

2016-2017 Plan

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YPD Member Countries

YPD Karen

Formed in 2003

Coordinator - Kwi Kwi

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YPD Vietnam

Formed in 2003

YPD Thailand

Formed in 2003

YPD Indonesia

YPD Malaysia

Formed in 2003

YPD Singapore

YPD Japan

Formed in 2004

YPD Australia

Formed in 2003

YPD Nepal


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YPD France

Formed in 2003

YPD Cambodia

Formed in 2003

YPD Loas

YPD China

Formed in 2003










Naw Taw Naw Paw

Teacher Hsa Thoo Lei High School Trip Leader 1

Naw Gracy Win

Trip Leader 2

Learn More

Saw Saw

Trip Leader 3 Actor

Learn More

Saw Lah Paw

Trip Leader 4

Saw Chit

Trip Leader 5

Naw Gold Rain

Trip Leader 6 Teacher CDC

Learn More

Kha Na shee

Student Trip Leader 7

Learn More

Saw Lincon

Trip Leader 8

Phan Anh

YPD Hanoi Coordinator Participate group 8

Learn More

Aung Naing Thu

Trip Leader 9

Kwi Kwi

YPD Karen coordinator Participate Group 8

Learn More

Saw Ko Maung

Oasis Youth Center Participate Group 7

Saw Eh Khu

Singer Participate Group 3

Saw Hsa Gay Moo

Singer Participate Group 3


Nurse Participate Group 5

Learn More

Bijaya Khadka

Youth Initiative Participate Group 2

Learn More

Nishan Aryal

NA Participate Group -NA

Learn More

Saw Aung Naing

NGO staff Participate trip -7

Learn More

Saw Kaw Mo

Local youth Participate - 7

Learn More

Saw Eh Doh Soe

Local Youth Participate Trip 7

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YPD Founder Participate trip 1 or 2

Learn More

Kiara Gigacz

Work on Education Participate Trip 1,2 or 4

Learn More

Helen Ting

lecturer Participate Trip 1 or 8

Learn More

Robert Gigacz

Son of Stefan and Helen Participate as Mom or Dad

Learn More

Jade Gigacz

Student Participate Trip 5 or 7

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Annual Meeting Report

Report by Kiara GigaczRead More

  • Date: 09/11/2018 09:00 PM
  • Location: 310 Moo9. Mahawan, Mae Sot. Tak. Thailand. 63110 (Map)
  • More Info: Karenland

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