YPD Karen
Formed in 2003

Coordinator - Kwi Kwi

YPD Karen Background

In August, 2003 the moderators of Cardijan Liaison Committee (CLC) introduced the training and exchange meeting of Young People for Development Program (YPD), in which sixty young people from France, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Karen in Burma and Thailand took part. The exchange and Training Program lasted for three weeks, and exposure trips were also organized for the participants to live and get real experience in the fields.

In 2003, the team of Young Karen People for Development program (YKPD) was then formed and has assigned Willian Aung Win Shwe as Team leader and team leader and the team members are Nan Zoya Phan, Naw Paw Wah Thamla, Rocky, Ellen Min Min and Kwi Kwi. The core facilitating organizations comprise of All Karen Development Association, Karen Youth Organization, Karen University Student Group, Karen Student Network Group and Karen Women Organization.

. These included a seminar, production of a Karen music cassette, emergency relief to communities inside Karen state, capacity building training

A group of young Karen from inside Burma and the Thai-Burma border participated in the event. In order to implement the objective of the Young People for Development program in forming a core group of Young Karen for implementing follow-up activities, the young Karen group initiated a program called Young Karen People for Development (YKPD) Now know as YPD Karen.


YPD Karen

YPD Karen formed in 2003 name as Young Karen People for Development (YKPD). Karen had annual training start from 2003 and organized by local Karen Team in Thai-Burma border, Karen refugee camp and in Karen State.

YPD Karen Coordinator      -        

 AWS Kawkasa                   -         2003-2004

 Kwikwith                            -         2005- Present

YPD Karen Annual Training Program is organize by YPD Karen local area team start form 2003. The following recorded by Kwikwith- YPD Karen coordinator. 

2003   -         Mae Sot

2004   -         Doo Yaw (Karen State)

2005   -         Maw Ker Village (Phop Phra)

2006   -         Umpheim Camp (Phpp Phra)

2007   -         Cross border-Menkonken-Palu-Mae Tao (Mae Sot)

2008   -         Nup Poe Camp and Kaw Hser (Umphang)

2009   -         Cross border-Menkonken-Palu (Mae Sot)

2010   -         Bwe K’lar (Migrant School) (Mae Sot)

2011   -         Bwe K’lar (Migrant School) (Mae Sot)

2012   -         Cross border-Menkonken-Palu (Mae Sot)

2013   -         Cross border-Menkonken-Palu (Mae Sot)

2014   -         Jakawa (Karen State)

2015   -         Cross border-Menkonken-Palu

2016   -         Cross border-Menkonken-Palu (Mae Sot)

2017   -         Hsa Thoo Lei Learning Center (Mae Sot)