What Is YPD?

What Is YPD?

YPD an International network of Young people working on development: YPD is an international network created in 2003 and based on the simple idea that young people each have a vital role to play personally and collectively in contributing to world development.

     YPD began in 2003 with the first Young People for Development Exchange and Training Program held in Thailand from 7 - 25 August 2003 with nearly 60 participants from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma-Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, France and Karen along Thai-Burma border area. It was a great event which had 3 basic aims:

  1. To promote the launching of local teams of young people working for development in the home countries of the participants.
  2. To build a network of young people involved in development issues among the participating countries especially in the greater South East Asian region.
  3. To develop an ongoing plan of action and training for the members of the emerging network.

     And it worked! Since then we've seen a number of YPD local teams emerging in various participating countries! From 2004 onward a genuine YPD network began to emerge. We believe that youth can contribute personally and collectively to world development. This is especially true in developing countries with a large youth population in the midst of rapid social, cultural and economic transformations in the context of globalisation. The overall long term objective of YPD is to enable young people to come together at local, national, and international level to discover their role, to gain the skills and experience necessary to make their own unique contribution to development. YPD now has contacts and members in around 15 countries mostly in Southeast Asia and also in China, India, Bangladesh, Japan, France, England and Australia.

Get Involved Ways to involve yourself

If you are interested in the philosophy and the actions of YPD, you can begin a YPD team, join a YPD local team, or come and join our annual Training Program. Our international network of YPD has many opportunities for volunteers to work for development in many different countries.For more information, contact YPD international Team or contact your country coordinator.

For 2017 Please contact ypdkaren@gmail.com 

Who can join?

You need to be with a youthful spirit and a passion to make a difference and a spirit of helping others.

Anyone with a youthful spirit and a passion to make a difference

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