14th Annual Training Report-Vietnam

14th Annual Training Report-Vietnam

YPD International Annual General Meeting Report 2016

Date and Time: 08.12.2016, 21.00-23.00

Venue: Café near Anh’s house, Hanoi, Vietnam

Attendance: 18 members present

Major Conclusions:

YPD 2017

Location:  Karen land, (Karen State in Myanmar)

Responsible Team: YPD Karen

International Coordinator: Kwi Kwith

Fundraising: Anh (Vietnam)

Date: November 3-11, 2017

YPD 2018

Tentative Location: Melbourne, Australia

IT Team:

Khun Johnny Paul

Jenjira Mu

Meeting Overview:

21.00: Opening by Anh

Discussion about YPD website

Anh asks for feedback from all participants

22.45: Meeting concluded with cultural night and souvenir exchange.

Issues discussed and points raised:

● See Judge Act weekly training plans

Johnny will take charge of converting the file into a presentable PDF

● YPD online presence

Johnny and Mu will cooperate to build a new functioning YPD International website

Site should be easy to use and maintain

Stefan will give admin access of current YPD information sites to involved team

Pawan raised the point that important articles should be distributed to and translated by local teams for a wider outreach

● YPD International Office / Training Centre

Proposed locations and reasons:


The Karen team has been the most consistent in organising events and would be able to make full use of the centre. Land in Maesot is currently cheap and the area is developing at a fast pace.

Chiangmai, near RTRC

Convenient for Chiangmai team and easy to get accommodation from RTRC when events are organised.


Reasons for setting up office:

Need for a grounded location

As a location for training programs to relieve financial strain

To help with fundraising by selling Fair Trade products and souvenirs from YPD countries

To document and keep history records, as well as display annual training program souvenirs


Donations from alumni and NGOs

Once budget and plan are made, Kwi Kwith suggested that the project is presented to NGOs to raise funds

Kwi Kwith and Charles volunteered to be in charge of this


SEE and JUDGE which location would be most appropriate during 2017 ATP, as well as come up with official budget and plan

ACT to start fundraising and set up office in 2018

It was suggested that YPD hires 1-3 full-time paid coordinators to work in the office. The idea was strongly supported by other members.

● YPD Alumni

MYPD: Mentors of YPD

It was suggested that MYPD support the new generation through a monthly fixed contribution

P’Baby and Evalina volunteered to be in charge of this

Alumni events and meetings to be held to discuss and plan other ways MYPD can contribute

Evalina to set up Whatsapp or Facebook group for alumni to communicate further

● Finance

Balance from 2016 ATP to be transferred to Karen team for 2017 activities

Stacie to look into setting up a Paypal account in Singapore for YPD International to facilitate fundraising and monetary transfer

Anh volunteered to be in charge of fundraising for YPD 2017

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