Naw Taw Naw Paw

Teacher Hsa Thoo Lei High School Trip Leader 1

Naw Gracy Win

Trip Leader 2

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Saw Saw

Trip Leader 3 Actor

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Saw Lah Paw

Trip Leader 4

Saw Chit

Trip Leader 5

Naw Gold Rain

Trip Leader 6 Teacher CDC

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Kha Na shee

Student Trip Leader 7

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Saw Lincon

Trip Leader 8

Phan Anh

YPD Hanoi Coordinator Participate group 8

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Aung Naing Thu

Trip Leader 9

Kwi Kwi

YPD Karen coordinator Participate Group 8

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Saw Ko Maung

Oasis Youth Center Participate Group 7

Saw Eh Khu

Singer Participate Group 3

Saw Hsa Gay Moo

Singer Participate Group 3


Nurse Participate Group 5

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Bijaya Khadka

Youth Initiative Participate Group 2

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Nishan Aryal

NA Participate Group -NA

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Saw Aung Naing

NGO staff Participate trip -7

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Saw Kaw Mo

Local youth Participate - 7

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Saw Eh Doh Soe

Local Youth Participate Trip 7

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YPD Founder Participate trip 1 or 2

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Kiara Gigacz

Work on Education Participate Trip 1,2 or 4

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Helen Ting

lecturer Participate Trip 1 or 8

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Robert Gigacz

Son of Stefan and Helen Participate as Mom or Dad

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Jade Gigacz

Student Participate Trip 5 or 7

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