Chally - Lu Lu - Poo Cha Cha - Moo Soe Soe - Realize - Poe Chi - Htoo Ra Soe - Gee Doh - Na Oo - Welcome To Kaw Thoo Lei

Welcome To YPD2017 We have language, literature, customs and values, We have culture and tradition, we have a flag of our own, we are a nation of people, people of a country, we are Karen Welcome to Kaw Thoo Lei Our sacred Mount Kwe Ka Baw, full of dignity offers a striking beauty of the land It’s a treasure of our people created by God in the beginning In the sunlight of dawn, as you stand at the mountain top You’ll see and feel the beauty of Kaw Thoo Lei The ever-flowing Salween River God created under the sky It’s the treasure of the Karen You’ll experience the beauty of Kaw Thoo Lei We are people of Kaw Thoo lei, the Karen land privileged to be hosting YPD this year We are people of diverse cultures from around the world celebrating the richness we have here with us today Clothed in our distinct traditional attires We are children of a hospitable culture The land identified by a Karen shirt on the fishing rod proclaims to all our honesty With hard work and perseverance, keeping our tradition alive, pouring rice, weaving baskets, hand make our clothes We display hospitality and all good virtues With much delight, we welcome you through this song to YPD Training We are a nation of people, people of a country, we are Karen Translated by Miss Candace Marvel.

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